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Getting Started

"A Wiser Mind staff are nothing short of miracle workers!!! To see what their program has done for every one of our residents is astonishing!" -- DON, Colorado ALC

It's time, for a better life

At A Wiser Mind, our goal is to improve your quality of life, brain fitness and emotional wellness.

It's time to regain Joy

"I can hardly believe it, my Mom is a changed person!"

-- Cherie H.

It’s time to find Peace

"My Mom has improved her memory & focus. She enjoys her sessions and I've been impressed. I have no reservations in recommending you."

-- Daniel P.

It’s time to reclaim Confidence

"The memories you gave to us will long be cherished by our family."

-- The Family of Wayne P.

It’s time to strengthen Memories

"The change in her is amazing. We never thought she could benefit in this way. She is more engaged and social"

-- DON, Scottsdale Assisted Living Community

We created A Wiser Mind to provide a wiser way of delivering emotional care and cognitive therapy for individuals and families living with depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, and mild-brain injury.
In the practice of cognitive and emotional health, there is no “one size fits all” approach that works for all clients. We are passionate about creating a unique treatment plan that generates lasting improvements to memory, reasoning and emotional wellbeing. Our program explores our client’s interests, passions, past skills and personal life experiences to create a foundation to our treatment plan that is meaningful, engaging and personal.

We Serve Individuals, Care Givers and Families

Individuals who are:
  • Concerned about memory decline
  • Experiencing dementia symptoms
  • Fearful of or challenged by age-related life changes
  • Living with depression, anxiety or other emotional wellness concerns
Families: Facing the challenges of emotional crises or the slow the decline of dementia in a loved one.
Care Givers: Seeking services to help improve the lives and mental clarity of their care recipient.
How do we help?
At a Wiser Mind, you will receive in-home, private & personalized Brain Activation Therapy to enhance memory and reasoning as well as Emotional Wellness Sessions(link to emotional page) for improved quality of life. Family and care-giver counseling sessions support those experiencing physical and emotional stress by sharing information, coordinating services, assisting with problem solving and developing new strategies for quality care.Explore wiser ways of slowing mental decline by re-building connections and elevating the quality of life for yourself or someone in your care.For more information,please contact us or call 888-982-9899.