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The ‘Goldilocks Effect’ of Alzheimer’s

Most of us are familiar with the—too much…too little…just right—story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Something similar happens inside the brains, and around the lives, of individuals with Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a disease not of ...

Reading and Resource List

If you are concerned about caring for a person living with dementia, or if you're simply interested in brain aging and health, we've developed a list of resources and books to review. Click to read more...

Fall Factors: Balance

Fall Factors: Balance...Both internal (body) and external (environment) factors contribute to falls. Body factors, consist of our sense of balance, muscle strength, flexibility, posture and muscle control. This post discusses our the ...

Fall Cause and Survival Introduction

In-home falls are often caused by hazards that are easy to fix. Unfortunately, easy doesn’t get done, and so these hazards are ignored and overlooked. Each year more than a third of adults over 65 experience a fall. Statistics collected ...