Driving with Dementia

The privilege to drive is a great symbol of freedom and independence—starting from the moment a teenager is granted their learner’s permit, and continuing through to an older individual being able to drive themselves to doctor’s appointments.  When a neurocognitive disorder affects changes in the brain, though, the risk of driving may outweigh the privilege to drive. This post is designed to help provide information and resources regarding making decisions on whether or not to continue ...

Senior Support During the Holidays

With the beginning of the holiday season just a couple days away, the staff at A Wiser Mind would like to offer a wish of happiness and health to everyone, no matter which holiday you celebrate.

While the holiday season is about spending time with the people you love, these next few weeks can be hard for those without a strong, supportive network of family and friends. One thing to be thankful for, though, are the senior services that are available throughout Denver and the surrounding areas. Senior centers and rec centers throughout Colorado offer many opportunities for the senior population to get active, both physically and socially, within their communities. Many of these centers provide daily exercises classes, art classes, social clubs, and even lunch and meal services. These centers are great for busting the winter blues and staying active when it’s cold outside.

Take a look at the list we’ve put together, below.

Alzheimer's Awareness

Each year, October 10th is designated as World Mental Health Day. It is an opportunity to raise awareness and encourage action. And while 2014’s theme was focused on schizophrenia, our focus on dementia and Alzheimer’s never ends.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are agonizing diseases; not only for the person diagnosed, but also for friends, family, and loved ones. And while each person experiences the disease in different ways, a universal norm is that that life can be significantly altered for everyone involved.

Whether you are the patient or the loved one, you should never feel embarrassed of the impact of Alzheimer’s on your life. If you are struggling, know you are not alone. These stories that we’ve discovered might give you the confidence you need to open up or reach out.