Cognitive & Emotional Therapy
Improves the Quality of Your Life

Every Plan is Personalized for your Own Unique Needs

Cognitive Challenges: At A Wiser Mind, there is no “standard” approach. We create a unique treatment plan based on your personal experiences and past skills to develop new connections and enhance understanding. Using customized activities and tactile objects during our in-home sessions, we activate different parts of the brain, forging effective and long-lasting improvements in memory and reasoning.

We all hope for a discovery that will cure Alzheimer’s, reverse stroke damage or heal brain injuries, but for now, there’s no need to wait. We offer proven strategies for emotional and cognitive care, offered with compassion and skill that provide a wiser approach to moving forward.  Once you begin seeing results, you may wish you’d started sooner!

Emotional Challenges: For clients experiencing depression, anxiety and challenges adjusting to life changes, our clinicians are trained to address and treat your overall sense of well-being and quality of life. There are a variety of approaches that our skilled professionals employ to design a personalized treatment plan for you.

Common Questions you May Have

Q: How long have you been doing this?
A: A Wiser Mind has been providing services to clients and their families in Colorado since 2009. Our professional clinicians, however, have years of extensive clinical experience prior to having joined our team.
Q: What exactly will you do?
A: Depending on your needs, your clinician can provide emotional and cognitive therapies. During treatment, your therapist works with you to target your treatment priorities.  For clients with cognitive concerns, we may focus on a variety of mental skills such as logic, reasoning and memory as well as other important aspects such as language, writing, math and social skills. If you are dealing with emotional concerns we also employ therapies for strengthening confidence, diminishing anxiety and enhancing your quality of life.
Q: Will I see the same clinician each time, or the “therapist of the day?”
A:  As much as possible, you will see the same therapist throughout our time together. Our goal is to make a connection filled with trust, compatibility, encouragement and motivation.  We’re building a long-term relationship where we pursue common goals and enjoy the stimulation of lasting relationships and understanding as you gain confidence and experience success.
Q: Will my family/spouse/child/caretaker be involved?
Family therapy sessions will develop skills to best support you, the client, as well as the caregivers themselves, and for those members living out of the area, we provide regular updates from the therapist.
Q:  Where will I have my treatment?
A:  As permitted by your insurance, all sessions are held in your home or other familiar surroundings. Our clinicians come to you.
Q:  What training does your staff have?
A:  All our therapists hold advanced, graduate degrees and have completed thorough and professional training prior to becoming licensed practitioners. Each clinician is not only trained in accepted emotional therapies, but also trained in our unique cognitive rehabilitation therapies. They have a variety of professional experience that allows them to concentrate on the different issues or concerns you may want to address during your sessions.
Q: What does it cost?
A: Many times, your therapy sessions are covered 100% by insurance.  Any out of pocket expense will be based on your particular insurance plan, and if there is any, you will be notified before any sessions begin so you know what the costs will likely be.
Q: Do I need a referral from my Doctor?
A: Often, our referrals do come from your doctor or primary care physician… but that isn’t necessary.  Our clients also find out about our work and our therapists from other sources such as professionals in assisted living communities, friends who were former clients and other networks of people who are familiar and please with our work.
Q: Why was I referred to you?
A:  If you received a referral to A Wiser Mind, it is likely because your referring party believes that your quality of life can be improved by working with one of our clinicians. Your medical provider or Assisted Living Staff just want you have the best life you can, and they understand the success we have in helping people do just that.
Q: If I don’t like my Therapist, can I get a different one?
A: We always work hard to ensure a good fit between you and your therapist. Depending on the area where you live, there may be an option to start with another clinician if you feel you don’t have a rapport with your current therapist. We know that a good fit is critical to your results and will make every effort to ensure you feel a connection.

What are the Next Steps to Get Started?

Once the paperwork is complete, your therapist will be assigned and they will contact you directly. Feel free to ask any questions and choose the best time to schedule your first session as well as continuing visits.  At A Wiser Mind, we pride ourselves on building strong, positive relationships and are happy to answer questions and make suggestions whenever you reach out to us.  Family members are also encouraged to contact the therapist as needed to answer questions.

You have complete control over the duration of your therapy.  We recommend that you allow time to work with your therapist before making a decision about whether this is working for you.  The results can take some time to notice.  Be sure to communicate with your therapist and stay informed about your progress.

Build new connections and feel more confident following your own, unique treatment plan with a skilled cognitive therapy clinician.  Please contact us or call 888-982-9899 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.