On this portion of the website, we've collected you'll find a wide range of materials from a wide range of sources.  We are constantly searching for the best and most inspiring research, reports and resources from around the world related to brain fitness, emotional wellness and care giving.  Our hope is that the Eduction pages will be one of your most frequently visited internet resources. On these pages you'll find:
  • research and statistics related to dementia and mental health in the United States and around the world;
  • items to help lessen the doubt and stress of family caregivers;
  • brain research that is fun, entertaining and hopefully, thought provoking;
  • and, our own musing, opinions and discoveries.
When we find something that is controversial, or cutting edge, we'll first post it on our blog.  When there is solid peer reviewed research on a subject we'll post it's contents on our research page. Because of the clinical and scientific nature of some of the content on this website, we've included a Glossary of terms.