Fall Cause and Survival Introduction

In-home falls are often caused by hazards that are easy to fix.  Unfortunately, easy doesn’t get done, and so these hazards are ignored and overlooked.  Each year more than a third of adults over 65 experience a fall.  Statistics collected by the CDC indicate that if you have one fall you are two to three times more likely to fall again.  Falling is a slippery slope that could be easily avoided.  To make matters worse, falls don’t just mean the minor pumps and bruises of youth.  In seniors, falls can lead to injury, disability, reduced physical function, loss of independence, drastically increased cost of care, and in the worst scenario--death. At A WiserMind, we strive to help maximize quality of life.  That’s not just limited to the brain and emotional health therapies that we specialize in, but also in all aspects of quality of life.  Helping to reduce falls and their consequences can have a huge impact on improving quality of life and overall fitness. In this multipart post, we’ll look at the internal and external causes of falls and we’ll provide simple suggestions to reduce your chances.  In later posts we’ll provide some suggestions to help improve your chances of surviving a fall should you have the misfortune of taking a spill. To learn more, click here to go to, Part 1, Fall Factors: Balance.