When asked, “What do you want most in life?” most people answer, “Happiness.” It’s a simple and vague answer, but it is a universal concept that we all agree on. Nobody wants to be unhappy.

Depression makes it hard to find joy or pleasure in things that you once enjoyed. It is common to feel sad and tired and you may feel little to no desire to go about your day. With depression, symptoms can linger for weeks or months, which can have a significant impact on your social, emotional, and overall health. But depression doesn’t only affect the person suffering. Relationships, including those with friends and family, are usually impacted by the symptoms of depression.

In the same way that depression affects more than just the sufferer, treatment for depression helps everyone involved. Once your loved one is in a happier place, you’ll find you will be, too. The services provided by A Wiser Mind can help everyone find more joy!

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