A series of photographs doesn’t define your life, and you do not need to be defined by your experiences. Reminiscing about the past, however, often brings joy and comfort. In fact, studies have found that reminiscence can help relieve the symptoms of depression! The therapists at A Wiser Mind will help you recall and reflect upon your most cherished memories so that you can find happiness during tough times.

Certain memories, though, may overwhelm and alter your perception of your value, your safety, your passions, and goals. Our therapists also help work through those undesirable memories so that you can overcome and release any negativity. Once you’re at peace with any negative memories, you will be more open to creating new, happy memories.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, forming new memories is exciting…and an important part of healthy brain function. Even if old memories are becoming distant and hard to recall, our therapists can help you to make new memories that are just as important and meaningful as past memories are.

At A Wiser Mind, we created our Brain Activation Therapy program specifically to help individuals and families living with memory decline and memory loss.  You may wish to visit our Services pages and our Client Summary page to learn more about our programs and how they may benefit you.