How to know when a loved-one needs help

Our aging loved-ones are in transition.  The loss of family members and friends, a change in living arrangements, changes in fitness and health, the loss of driving privileges, even the death of a pet all put a loved-one under stress and may place them at risk.  With these life-changes it's completely normal for our loved-ones to show temporary signs of depression, irritability, forgetfulness and minor self-neglect.  But how how can you tell the difference between normal and temporary responses to stress and when it's something more concerning or more permanent?

The Little Berry That Could…

The little blueberry is a one of the most nutritious foods you can add to your diet. USDA studies have shown promising benefits for reversing memory loss, and improving other brain functions. There has even been evidence of other amazing benefits of this little blue jewel. The full article covers additional benefits of blueberries in your diet and provides a tasty recipe that'll treat your tongue and your body. Who thought health food could taste this good?