At A WiserMind, our goal is to improve the quality of life for the clients and families we serve.

Our services are arranged into two groups–Clinical and Educational.

All of our clinical services are delivered in the residence of our client. We believe that house-calls help to improve the effectiveness of the therapy and produce a better outcome.  Within our clinical practice, we have created and employ a broad and unique set of treatments to help respond to many of the most life-altering and incapacitating disorders and diseases to affect our minds and emotions.

Our Brain Activation Therapy has improved cognition, strengthened confidence and enhanced quality of life in many of clients living with broad range of dementias, stroke effects and mild-to-moderate brain injury.  During treatment, the clinician works with the client to target a range of mental-processing elements such as: logic; reasoning; short-term, working and long-term memories; spatial awareness and orientation; visual acuity; perspective orientation; verbal, language, writing, math and social skills.

Unfortunately, dementia doesn’t occur by itself.  It is often accompanied by one or more other mental-health conditions including depression, anxiety, adjustment disorder, panic disorder and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as others. Fortunately, these conditions have been shown to respond to not only pharmaceutical interventions but also to more social therapies which are often referred to as psychosocial therapies.  Typically, the purpose of psychosocial therapies is to improve the client’s quality of life and lessen symptoms of the targeted disorder.

Our psychosocial therapies can be delivered in tandem with Brain Activation therapy to help clients dealing with both cognitive and emotional issues, or they can be delivered separately to improve the quality of life for clients coping only with emotional challenges.