Brain Activation

Would you train for a triathlon by only doing push-ups?  You could, but it wouldn’t be very helpful.  Should you try to keep your brain strong and active by only doing cross-word puzzles or sudoku? Brain Activation Therapy is our trend-setting, one-on-one sessions to promote higher levels of mental activity in clients living with impacts of dementia, stroke or mild brain injury.

About Brain Activation Therapy

Brain Activation Therapy responds to the specific needs and goals of the individual based on their personal traits, current cognitive state and life history.  Brain Activation Therapy employs multiple types of interaction to better match the client’s unique interests and mental strengths. A broad range of mental functions and capacities are targeted by the therapy including:
  • long-term memory,
  • short-term memory,
  • working memory,
  • behavioral responses,
  • logic,
  • deductive reasoning,
  • inductive reasoning,
  • language,
  • vocabulary,
  • mathematics,
  • spatial awareness and
  • focus and stimulus filtering skills.
In addition, such essential life elements as:
  • social skills,
  • confidence,
  • independence,
are exercised with the goal of maximizing quality of life, strengthening family connections,  along with minimizing anxiety and depression.